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NASA-Nebraska High Altitude Balloon Program


NHABThe NASA Nebraska Space Grant is pleased to offer the opportunity for students and faculty of Space Grant affiliates to fly scientific payloads upwards of 100,000 ft (19 miles) above the Earth’s surface. Our specialized equipment, developed by StratoStar Systems, allows for live data feeds from over 100 simultaneous analog and digital sensor inputs during the balloon’s flight. Altitude and GPS coordinates are also relayed live via a tripleBalloon & Payload redundancy tracking system. As a special bonus, students, family, and friends can track the balloon’s progress live over the Internet. Each launch includes on-board high-resolution photographic and HD video cameras, with all of their footage shared among the HAB participants.

If you have any questions regarding the NASA Nebraska High Altitude Balloon Program, please contact us and/or join our email listserv to receive noticies on upcoming events. 

Information on past flights can be found at Nebraska High Altitude Ballooning Website