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Teacher Training

The NASA Nebraska Space Grant Consortium is dedicated to inspiring students and teachers in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.


In 2013, Nebraska selected 20 Pre-Service and In-Service Teachers to participate in the Nebraska Education Space Ambassador (NESA) Program.

Ambassadors attend special NASA-related workshops in the summer and deliver the content at workshops, to other educators in their school, to after school time providers, and in other informal education settings.

Goals of the Program:

  • Train a cadre of 20 Nebraska teachers to serve as Space Ambassadors for the NASA Nebraska Space Grant. The Space Ambassadors will be expected to train 10 other in-service and/or pre-service teachers using dedicated future funding and stipends from the NASA Nebraska Space Grant. 
  • Increase the skills of STEM educators in Nebraska.
  • Partner in-service teachers with pre-service teachers to build a mentoring relationship.

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Find Classroom Materials

Looking for Classroom Materials? NASA's Education Materials Finder will help teachers locate resources that can be used in the classroom. Users may search by keywords, grade level, product type and subject. With hundreds of publications and Web sites indexed, the finder is the best way to locate NASA educational resources.

Find Materials Now!

Space Place in a Snap
Audience: K-6 Educators

Space Place is pleased to announce an entirely new and totally exciting product -- Space Place in a Snap! These short animations provide quick narrated explanations of some of the most interesting science questions by taking you on a guided tour of an infographic. The best part: You can download a poster of the infographic after you watch the animation. We have already released our first Snap -- How Did Our Solar System Come to Be? Check it out at Stay tuned for more Snaps in the very near future!

Space Place en Español: Loopy Legends
Why limit yourself to telling stories in only one language? Our popular mad-libs-style activity, "Loopy Legends," is now available in both English and Spanish. Kids get to create their own zany adventures in this Web activity. You might find yourself traveling toward the center of a black hole. Or maybe you'll become lost because an angry sun's space weather knocked out some global positioning system satellites. Who knows, you might even go surfing on Jupiter's moon Titan! Check it out at

Spotlight on a Solar Mystery
The surface of the sun is a scalding 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit. But the sun's atmosphere can reach millions of degrees. That doesn't make too much sense, does it? Why would the stuff around the sun be warmer than the sun itself? And if the atmosphere were so hot, then why wouldn't it warm the surface up to a temperature closer to the atmosphere? Check out one of Space Place's newest articles to learn more about this solar mystery.

For the Classroom
Looking for a hands-on activity that reinforces engineering concepts? Look no further than Space Place's moon habitat activity. Have you ever wondered what it would take for humans to have an extended stay on the moon? Surely they would need some sort of place to live. But how would such a structure make the long journey through space? Learn all about what astronauts might want in their moon habitat. Then build your own!

For Out-of-School Time
How about an exciting Web game to teach students all about solar weather in their out-of-school time? The sun is a scorching mass of hot gas that is constantly shooting energy and particles out into space. In "Shields up!" you must use a Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite - R Series weather satellite to detect the first signs of any crazy solar weather and warn other satellites to protect themselves before it is too late.

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NASA Educator Resource Center here at UNO!

The University of Nebraska at Omaha, Physics Department  houses a NASA Educator Resource Center on Campus.  For mor information you may contact Connie O'Brien at 402-554-2510.

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Check out the "K-12 Teacher and Student Opportunities" Page: Click Here

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Visit NASA's website for resources at:

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